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Climate Change and Agriculture

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Below find reports and resources related to climate change and agriculture:


Climate Change and Agriculture in the Garden State
Learn about how climate change is impacting New Jersey agriculture and how New Jersey farmers are adapting.

Fisheries, Aquaculture and Climate Change: A New Jersey Perspective
Learn about how climate change affects the oceans and coasts and the implications for New Jersey's fisheries and aquaculture growers.

Rutgers University Plant Breeders Address Climate Change
Learn about how scientists who specialize in plant breeding are keeping up with climate change in New Jersey.

Living Shorelines and Sea Level Rise on New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore
Learn about living shorelines as a technique to help farming and fishing communities in the Delaware Bayshore keep pace with sea level rise.

Developing Climate-Change Resilience in Conservation Plants
Learn about plants being selected and tested for climate change adaptability in coastal areas for agricultural and conservation purposes.


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  pdf Climate Change and Agriculture, Including Aquaculture and Fisheries, in New Jersey (1.20 MB) prepared by the Rutgers Climate Institute and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.





pdf Healthy Soils and Climate Change (475 KB) , prepared by the Rutgers Climate Institute and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station with assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Climate Change and Agriculture Workshop for Rutgers Extension Faculty and Staff presentations available here.

Stakeholder Engagement Report: Agriculture. This report was prepared by researchers from Rutgers University for the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance. 

Stakeholder Engagement Reports prepared for the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance for other sectors such as Natural Resources and Water Resources can be found here.

A Summary of Climate Change Impacts and Preparedness Opportunities for the Agricultural Sector in New Jersey.

Sector-based reports for climate change impacts and preparedness opportunities for the Natural Resources and Water Resources sector in New Jersey can be found here.


Virtual Field Tours “As if You were There” From the USDA Northeast Climate Hub allow viewers to explore farm and forestry climate adaptation practices from throughout the Northeast through these 360 degree demonstration projects including.
In one, Rutgers University scientists assist partners from US Fish and Wildlife Service, The Nature Conservancy and Partnership for the Delaware Estuary to build living shorelines along the Delaware Bayshore to reduce the impacts of future storms.

USDA Northeast Climate Hub provides climate change information to farmers, ranchers and forest landowners within the Northeastern United States with a focus on technologies and risk management practices. Sign up for the Hub newsletter here.

Rutgers University hosted the first Northeast Climate Hub Partners meeting in 2018; the meeting focused on sharing adaptation experiences in agriculture, discussing outreach strategies, and developing a community of practice.  Presentations from the meeting can be found here.

Read the case study:
IRRIGATION PAYS IN PROTECTING VEGETABLE CROP REVENUES IN THE NORTHEAST U.S. An Economic Case Study | Intervale Community Farm | September 2017

USDA Northern Forest Climate Hub assists natural resource managers, woodland owners, and others interested in forests to integrate climate change information into planning, decision making, and management activities.

USDA Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center connects land managers and decision makers with usable science to address climate change in planning and application providing information about climate change impacts on forests and other ecosystems, and approaches to adaptation and mitigation in forests and grasslands.

U. S. Department of Agriculture Sponsored Project: Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate is a resource that includes news, a searchable data base, and an on-line course to foster animal production practices that are resilient to a changing climate.

Climate change and agriculture related resources on a range of topics including climate and weather; disasters and emergency; and energy from the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station can be found here.

Climate and agriculture resources for Extension Professionals on a range of topics including farm energy; disaster issues; climate, forests and woodlands.

Climate, Forests & Woodlands Community of Practice has a new website for Extension Professionals here.

USDA National Agroforestry Center resources on climate change.

USDA COMET-FARM: whole farm and ranch greenhouse gas accounting tool.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Materials Program has a listing of technical publications including climate change and related topics.

Preparing Smallholder Farm Families to Adapt to Climate Change pocket guides:
Extension Practice for Agricultural Adaptation
Managing Water Resources

Responding to Climate Variability and Change in the Midwest and Northeast

Climate Change and Agriculture in New Jersey: A Workshop for Rutgers Extension Faculty and Staff. March 4, 2015. 

USDA Webinar portal (including archived webinars) on the latest research and industry practices in forestry, conservation, bioenergy, climate change, and natural resources.



Listen to Rutgers Professor Peter Oudemans interview on NPR's Weekend Edition about what a changing climate means for cranberries, blueberries, peaches and other NJ crops especially when a cold snap happens.  

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